1958 Corvette Roadster For Sale

First Trade Registry is pleased to present another vintage Corvette straight from the 50's. This 1958 Corvette Roadster had a body-off restoration performed in 1992. According to the original window sticker, still attached to the original window glass, this car was code 503A Solid Black with a 490D Red trim interior. There were only 493 Black corvettes in 1958 which make this car fairly rare.

The current owner purchased the car around 2004 but he always wanted a RED corvette. So, he had the car professionally painted in the 1958 colors of Signet Red with White Coves. OK, its not the original color but the owner liked it and he was not aware of the low production number of the Black 1958 vettes.  In any case, the new paint is nearly flawless as you can see in the photos. The car does have a completely new front. At the time it was painted red, it was determined the the fenders need work due to cracks etc. no accident damage. The owner wanted to do it right so the best available complete front end was purchased, installed and it looks factory.

This Corvette runs as good as it looks. At the time of the body-off restoration in 1992 everything was rebuilt and it has been well maintained ever since. The car also came with the code 419D factory Hardtop, which is still with the car. The top has been painted but still needs more attention as you can see in the photos. All the stainless and chrome trim goes with the top.

The engine numbers are F 1 III5DB which indicates a 283/230 HP, the car also has the optional 313N Powerglide transmission, Correct 6.70x15 tires and wheels, Factory Wonderbar radio w/instructions and the original window sticker on the original glass, which is now out of the car but retained for reference. The original convertible top remains factory white.

1958 Corvettes are very sought after and this example has been restored, maintained and never modified. Please review all the photos ask questions or come and inspect the car. It is located in Baltimore, Maryland and arrangements can be made if your interested in an inspection.
Thanks for your interest.

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