1970 Plymouth Superbird For Sale, "Highly Documented", 40,000 Original miles, Purchased by the original owner in May, 1970 this beautiful 1970 Superbird has been meticulously maintained. For 37 years the owner pampered the car and that's why it is in the condition you see in the photographs. From the day it was purchased, all factory paperwork was collected and stored. This documentation includes the following:

* 3 original Broadcast Sheets
* Dealer Invoice
* Original Window Sticker
* Original Bill of Sale
* Transportation Invoices
* Various Dealer Papers/Documents and more
( see photos of most of these items)

     The car was used for three years till 1973 as a daily driver and then it was stored for 12 years. It was started weekly and very lightly driven to keep components fresh. In 1985 the car was shown for many years transported in an enclosed trailer. During the years the car was shown around the county, the owners amassed many trophies. In fact, they were told by many judges that this car was one of the most "Highly Documented" cars they had the pleasure to judge and that statement is very true. Due to poor health, the car was sold just last year to the current owner.

     This Bird is original but has had some changes. The body was repainted in the original color and the black Vinyl Top was replaced. The interior is totally original down to the carpets. The car has never had rust and has never been damaged. Over the years, several components have been replaced but each and every original component was kept with the car. For example, the original tires, exhaust system, radio antenna, battery and shock absorbers. All original components will go with the car.

     The entire drivetrain is factory original. The 440/375hp engine has never been abused. Other than regular maintenance, the engine, transmission and rear are untouched. Photos of the original documents show all of the numbers. If you cannot read them let me know but be assured, the car is a factory numbers matching example of a car that will never be produced again. Did I say "Highly Documented"?

     The mileage is just over 40,600 and is barely broken in. We know what these cars are worth. Is the market down a bit..sure, but that doesn't limit the investment potential of the Superbird. Only 1920 units were built, how many survive today with the mileage, pedigree and pride of ownership that this car has enjoyed over the last 37 years. Bid accordingly, this car is not cheap by any standard, but it is priced well within the current market values and can only appreciate in the future. Look closely at the rest and you will come back to this car.
Thanks for your interest and good luck with your bids.

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