1967 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible, with Original 400 -350 HP engine . . . RARE - Body-off restored in excellent survivor condition. Options: Low Production factory Muncie 4 Speed with Original "442" 4 Speed shifter, Center Console, Power Steering, Power Convertible Top, Remote Mirror, AM Radio, Rally Wheels, with Redline Tires.  Finished in GORGEOUS Original GM Color ( Crystal Blue ) paint with matching Blue Interior. . . .  RARE AND OUTSTANDING. . . Very desirable color combination.
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This is a 1967 Olds 442 Convertible is For Sale By Owner, and has remained in rust free Northwest for 40 Years. Sold new in Portland Oregon.
Starting with 1964 442 then moving into muscle car era, Oldsmobile dropped the three-carburetor arrangement by 1967 in lieu of a single four-barrel. Subsequently, the top 4-4-2 engine produced 350 hp, 10 fewer than the 1966 tri-carburetor engine. The 1968, 1969 442, and then the last era 1970 and 1971 Olds finally produced the LAST OF THE MUSCLE CARS. AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to own part of a HISTORY making Muscle Car. As can be expected a CONVERTIBLE MUSCLE CAR. . . is the One to Collect and Invest in.
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