1964 Mercury Comet Caliente 302 4-Speed For Sale by Meticulous owner of 14 Years! -- STUNNING -- Originally White with Red Interior, bucket seats with center console from factory!….. STRIKINGLY RARE COLOR COMBO….VERY RARE SURVIVOR…. GO FIND ANOTHER QUALITY COMET…. TALK ABOUT A RARE INVESTMENT MUSCLE CAR!  Car guy owned for 14 years WOW!.... SEE 156 CRYSTAL CLEAR PICS…. For Sale By Owner!

1964 first year of the muscle cars! The 1964 and 1965 Mercury Comet models are classic transition era cars that are attractive to collectors and 1960’s auto enthusiasts. Comet collectors always want the Caliente and Cyclone editions with V-8 engines…. the more powerful the better an investment. The Comet and Cyclone were on the leading edge of the muscle car era, and the more muscle power the better.


If its horsepower you crave, then this 1964 Mercury Comet Caliente definitely delivers with a 302 cubic inch Motor built with Edelbrock kit, Aluminum Heads, mild cam, Edelbrock Carb with coated headers. New radiator runs cool never any issues, New custom gas tank…. See You Tube Video and hear in run. New Autometer gauges that all work, 4 Speed Transmission was gone through 6 or 7 years ago.  Power Steering, stock rear!



Paint originally White was done in 2001 or 2002 with Red Interior from factory. Interior Original door panels, new original pattern seats, new carpets and new dash pad. Replacement New Chrome Bumpers 8yrs ago front and back. Original Mercury Radio that is not in use and AM/FM CD in glove box, and working courtesy lights. All original type door keys and trunk key! 


I’m most impressed with the car's undercarriage a beautiful example of a very solid Florida car, as these cars were prone to rusting.


WOW unbelievable ---Original Front Windshield and all Glass -- WOW that is impressive for a 49 Year old 1964 Mercury Comet that is STILL TURNING HEADS after all these years!


Air-conditioning unit 14 years ago was mounted under dash…. See PICS.. You could purchase that from Mercury as the owner believes, and that unit will go to new owner with rear taillight and numerous box of parts go with sale, including 3 other taillights. Also included are two sets of original hubcaps, One set of Cyclone hubcaps in good condition and another set of Comet hubcaps. Excellent tires with Cragar 14 inch Wheels.

ALWAYS METICULOUSLY MAINTAINED AND GARAGED… INCREDIBLY RARE … VERY IMPRESSIVE MUSCLE CAR INVESTEMENT…. Sure to hold its value due to its rarity. Mercury Comets are an extremely rare find you just don't see them that often compared to other models from the 1960's…. Any 1960’s Comet or Ford Falcon sells fast! These cars are hot in the collector marketplace!!!!

OWNER would like to see his 1964 Comet go to a good home. No matter how you look at it, this car is extremely rare and collectible…. The condition of this car is incredible for a 1960’s Turnpike Muscle Car Cruiser and you’re Local Cars Shows.

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