1981 GMC Pickup 1500 Sierra Classic Step side Truck, For Sale By Owner!  Extremely RARE FIND, a FLORIDA “Gold Coast” affluent area Pickup Truck.

A 30 year old Classic Truck with a Frame, Cab and Body / Bed that HAS NO RUST, NO ROT, NOT CUT UP / BUTCHERED, AND PACTHED TOGETHER.  NEVER SEEN A WINTER! You can check all the spots where they rust, and all appears to be SOLID. Incredible Classic Truck Find!


Most all tuck enthusiast by rust / rot trucks then try to restore them. BAD DECISION!


1981 GMC TRUCK SIERRA CLASSIC 1500 WAS PICKED UP IN SOUTH FLORIDA, and just delivered to Bedford, Virginia. Zip code 24523!.... Clean FL Florida title!

A GMC Classic Truck that is a RARE -- find.

In one word “INCREDIBLE” undercarriage photos!

The Photo Gallery of 147 Crystal Clear Pictures are for those who Seek Extreme Detailed pictures for potential purchase and investment. They will tell the whole story!       

THIS IS AN INVESTMENT, this pickup truck will never drop in value, and you will never lose any of you hard earned money. South Florida has FLAT LEVEL ROADS, no potholes, no winter snow storms and no salt on the streets.  Previous Florida Title “Cocoa Beach”!

This is one good looking truck that you're going to be proud to call your own!  If you've been in the market for a top notch classic GMC / Chevy Truck, this is absolutely the one for you!  


Fantastic opportunity for a father and son to take it to the next level a “SHOW TRUCK”, or a work truck, or basic transportation!


They just don't come any better or nicer than this! Just looking for a fair price for the truck!

MOTOR ** Strong / Powerful 1975 350 Truck Motor, Casting number is 3970010, engine code is TYX.  It has an Edelbrock intake. Holley Carburetor (appears to be a 650 cfm but not sure!) Holds good oil pressure, and Runs cool. Starts right up and shifts nice!  It runs out very nice and very smooth. Sounds awesome!


TRANSMISSION rebuilt, appears to be a Turbo 400


New exhaust….New brakes and shocks! The bed of this GMC has a wooden oak floor!


Look at and study the photos...or even much better...PLEASE come in person to inspect this truck, let’s put it up on a lift so you can check out the magnificent No Rust, No Rot undercarriage.

If you cannot come to see the 1981 GMC Truck in person than hire an expert of your choosing....you will not be disappointed!  I can also help with getting Vehicle Inspections by a Certified Mechanic, and inexpensive truck delivery to your front door.



Please call me day or evening, including “weekends”!!

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CALL 434.238.2117 FOR INFORMATION:  I’m willing to work with you anyway possible to put the deal together for the owner and you.  I will accommodate you in any way I can.

For BEST PRICE, Questions, Concerns or General Inquiry, Please feel free to call me!

Call Gary at 434.238.2117. Email is not the best way to communicate. 

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Each Partner/Member operates their Own Independently owned...


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Vehicle Inspections by a Certified Mechanic can be arranged or Appraisal.


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IMG_1037.jpg IMG_1038.jpg IMG_1039.jpg IMG_1040.jpg
IMG_1041.jpg IMG_1042.jpg IMG_1043.jpg IMG_1044.jpg
Below you will find another set of pictures that were taken in October when the truck was still in Florida. The quality of the camera that took these pictures is better than what I have so you can see better detail. If you compare the odometer pictures the truck has 6 more miles on it since these pictures were taken.
001.JPG 002.JPG 003.JPG 004.JPG
005.JPG 006.JPG 007.JPG 008.JPG
009.JPG 010.JPG 011.JPG 012.JPG
013.JPG 015.JPG 016.JPG 017.JPG
018.JPG 019.JPG 020.JPG 021.JPG
022.JPG 023.JPG 024.JPG 026.JPG
027.JPG 030.JPG 031.JPG 034.JPG
036.JPG 039.JPG 040.JPG 042.JPG
043.JPG 044.JPG 046.JPG 049.JPG
050.JPG 051.JPG 054.JPG 055.JPG
058.JPG 059.JPG 060.JPG 061.JPG
063.JPG 064.JPG 065.JPG 066.JPG
070.JPG 071.JPG 072.JPG 074.JPG
075.JPG 076.JPG 078.JPG 079.JPG
080.JPG 081.JPG 082.JPG 083.JPG
084.JPG 085.JPG 087.JPG 088.JPG
089.JPG 090.JPG 091.JPG 092.JPG
093.JPG 094.JPG 095.JPG 096.JPG
097.JPG 099.JPG 100.JPG 101.JPG
102.JPG 103.JPG 104.JPG 105.JPG
106.JPG 107.JPG 108.JPG 109.JPG
110.JPG 111.JPG 112.JPG 113.JPG
114.JPG 115.JPG 116.JPG 117.JPG
118.JPG 120.JPG 121.JPG 122.JPG
123.JPG 124.JPG 125.JPG 126.JPG
127.JPG 128.JPG 129.JPG 130.JPG
131.JPG 132.JPG 133.JPG 134.JPG
135.JPG 136.JPG 137.JPG 138.JPG
139.JPG 140.JPG 141.JPG 142.JPG
143.JPG 144.JPG 145.JPG 146.JPG
147.JPG 148.JPG 149.JPG 150.JPG
151.JPG 152.JPG 153.JPG 155.JPG
156.JPG 157.JPG 158.JPG 159.JPG
161.JPG 163.JPG 165.JPG 167.JPG
169.JPG 170.JPG 171.JPG 173.JPG
174.JPG 176.JPG 178.JPG 179.JPG
180.JPG 181.JPG 182.JPG